One Woman, Two Advanced Cancers, Conquered.
One Woman, Two Advanced Cancers, Conquered.

One Woman, Two Advanced Cancers, Conquered.

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One of the most impressive books on conquering cancer - in fact, the first of its kind where Science meets Spirituality with a tad bit of humour. This book contains a very inspiring story of a woman who conquered two advanced cancers, revolutionary diet ideas that could help in your journey in conquering cancer, tips for care-givers, recipes of anti-cancer juices and food, notes from eminent doctors and healers and lots more. A must read for anyone looking for inspiration, ideas and faith.


Gift this book to all cancer conquerors and their families -                     

And let them know that they too can make the CAN in CANCER happen.


About Dr. Nidhi Bajaj Gupta

Dr Nidhi Bajaj Gupta is an award-winning holistic wellness coach, edu-preuner and inspiring speaker. She is the co-founder at Miraaya holistic growth centre along with her sister Megha Bajaj and founder of Merakhi holistic wellness company. She has done several unique and innovative fitness and education related workshops in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, New York, New Jersey, Singapore, Dubai & Bali. She is known for her loving compassion as well as for being a pioneer at combining Eastern & Western healing methods to gift people with holistic wellness.  

About Megha Bajaj

Megha Bajaj is an award winning author, film script writer & contributor for many popular publications including infinitithoughts, Life Positive, The Hindu & Readers Digest. Spirituality unfoldedfor her at a very young age and from childhood she felt like an observer of her own life. A meditator for close to two decades, Megha Bajaj has conducted mind-body-soul sessions for people across 18 countries and has been constantly told that her intuition and love helps heal. She is the founder of Wonder of Words (WoW) - a company that has trained hundreds of people across the globe into becoming better thinkers, readers & published writers. 

Together the dynamic duo conducts wellness workshops for individuals and groups, schools & corporates across the globe.


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