Dignite Cancer Care Kit For Men & Women
Dignite Cancer Care Kit For Men & Women
Dignite Cancer Care Kit For Men & Women

Dignite Cancer Care Kit For Men & Women

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The cancer care kit has been curated by the Dignite team in close coordination with healthcare experts. The kit has a range of products as listed below and each product has been chosen to help the patient through their treatment. If you know someone going through cancer treatment, this kit would be a great way to show that you care.

The kits contains the following items

1. Treatment Scheduler & Appointment Tracker:

This is a specialized diary designed to track doctor appointments and also comes with an inbuilt side effect tracker.

Treatment Scheduler: The appointment tracker format covers the appointment details, along with the physician advice and also space to note down questions to be asked to the physician. Asking the right questions is critical given the limited time the physician can spend.

Side Effect Symptom Tracker: A simple side effect tracker that can objectively differential between the severity of side effects will better enable the physician to manage their treatment.

2. Hot & Cold Pack: Due to weakness in the body muscle pains are common during cancer treatment. Heat can relieve sore muscles whereas cold can relieve the pain by partly numbing the pain area.

3. Sleep Mask: Helps the patient take a much needed nap during chemotherapy. It improves the quality of sleep and helps them relax

4. Bandana: Hair loss is one of the most difficult side effects to deal with for cancer patients. Our very own bandana provides a great looking and comfortable head cover during hair loss.

5. Stole/Shawl: Due to low immunity and weakness, patients tends to feel cold in AC environments in the hospital. Our soft fabric shawl helps keep the patient warm during treatment

6. Pill Organizer: Dignite pill organizer comes with a sleek design that makes it easier to carry around when you travel. The medication tracker format helps organize the medication schedule so that the patient doesn't miss their dose.

7. Satin Pillow Cover: Hair loss is one of the side effects that majority of the cancer patients face. During hair loss or during regrowth, the hair follicles are very sensitive and can easily break. Cotton which is a natural absorbent captures the moisture from these sensitive hair follicles and can break them. A satin pillow cover on the other hand helps provide a smooth surface that is comfortable for the patients and the can help the fair follicles retain moisture during the regrowth phase.

8. Dignite Water Bottle: Dignite water bottle is sturdy 750 ml bottle which easy to carry around for hospital visits your treatment. Frequent small sips of water through out the day will help you stay hydrated.

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