Alra Skin Care Therapy Lotion for Soothing & Calming Relief - 30 ml

Alra Skin Care Therapy Lotion for Soothing & Calming Relief - 30 ml

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Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy can be hard on the body and especially the skin. You might feel dryness of skin resulting in irritation.

Alra products are specially designed by a world class team of doctors, dermatologists and cancer survivors to create our specialty skin care product line. Alra skin care products are guaranteed sulfate and paraben free for the best ultimate skin hydration and nourishment for cancer patients currently undergoing treatment.

Specially formulated certified organic vegan therapy lotion is free of all detergents, preservatives, and color dyes to ensure minimal irritation, prevent inflammation, stop itching and cure dryness associated with cancer treatment while helping your skin look even luxuriously hydrated, rested and restored.

Convenient flip top cap design makes it perfect for traveling and for use wherever you are for instant relief.

All natural ingredients promote the skin's natural healing process after radiation therapy by soothing radiation damaged skin with a non greasy feel and deep moisturizing feel.